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About us

At Max Beam Australia, we know that lighting is powerful. More than just allowing us to safely carry on necessary activities after dark, LED lighting sets the mood for our indoor and outdoor environments. It can colour, shadow, tone, expand, or contract a space to create a range of creative, engaging effects. It can ‘make or break’ our interior décor and outdoor landscaping schemes.
The magic of lighting is something that Mr. Junichi Uchida and Mr. Peng Hui Ang, founders of Max Beam Australia, have made into a way of life. Since 2007, they have been partnering across borders in Australia and Singapore to bring modern homeowners the very best in LED lighting. Uninspired by the lacklustre offerings on the market in the early 2000s, they teamed up to do LED lighting justice: Today, they provide an alternative source of illumination capable of creating a stunning array of different lighting effects.

Our LED Lighting Promise

Max Beam specializes in the design and manufacture of tactical flashlights and home lighting systems using various styles of LEDs sourced from different makers all over the world. We’re constantly scanning the global LED market to bring you the best and latest in LED lighting technology.
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In addition to prioritizing aesthetic value and peerless quality, we ensure that our LED lights are as energy efficient as possible. When you install our LED lights, you can rest assured that you’re taking a big step toward minimizing your carbon footprint. We also promise that all our lights have an impressive lifespan in order to reduce electronic landfill waste and provide you with maximum value for your money.

Before we put any new LED product on our shelves, we rigorously test it to ensure that it meets our high standards. We base our reputation on providing beautiful, reliable LEDs; that’s why the name Max Beam is synonymous with quality lighting. We make it our mission to help you brighten up your life—one durable, efficient LED light at a time.