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Weltool T8 Plus

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Weltool T8 Plus uses 1 21700 battery. This head adopts Weltool T-HC through-hole cooling structure, built-in high-density high-power LED, full power output of 2,100 lumens, 94,000 candela, and a throwing distance of 613 meters. There are 4 modes (low-high-medium-full power) to meet different usage needs. T8Plus are compact in structure and come standard with stainless steel pocket clips, which not only have strong long-range shooting ability, but also have a large lighting range with Strobe, especially suitable for outdoor exploration, tunnel work, rescue, inspection, etc.



LowHighMediumFull power
Battery Type186502*CR123A186502*CR123A186502*CR123A186502*CR123A
Light Output6 lumens20 lumens1,000 lumens470 lumens600 lumens215 lumens2,100 lumens810 lumens
Beam Intensity300 cd850 cd44,000 cd19,000 cd24,000 cd8,250 cd94,000 cd33,125 cd
Beam Distance34m58m419m275m309m181m613m364m

The flashlight has battery over-discharge protection (when using Li-ion battery), battery polarity protection, low voltage reminder function

No flicker and noise

Patented through hole cooling structure

Battery type:1 high drain 21700 li- ion battery (T8Plus)

IP67, can be used in heavy rain

This flashlight has passed the 1-meter height drop test

Each flashlight has its own serial number

Weight (without battery): 141±0.5(T8Plus)

Dimensions (±0.5mm):

T8Plus: (Head diameter) 32mm, (Body diameter) 26.5mm, (Length) 155mm

Included: Weltool 4000mAh high drain 21700 Li-ion battery (T8Plus), Charger, O-ring, stainless steel pocket clip


  • First install the battery correctly, this flashlight has a polarity protection function, even if you install the battery in the wrong direction, the flashlight will not be damaged, but it will not light up, please check the battery in time at this time
  • After installing the battery, lightly press the tail switch button once to turn on the flashlight and release it to turn off. Immediately press the tail switch again to switch to the next mode; press this operation repeatedly to cycle in low-high-medium-full power; at this time, press the “click” sound in any mode to lock the current mode and keep on, and again The flashlight can be turned off by pressing firmly on the switch with a “click” sound.
  • In the power-off state, tap the tail more than four times in quick succession to turn on the 12Hz Strobe, and press hard to lock the Strobe continuously.
  • During use, when the battery power drops, the flashlight light will flash, please charge the battery in time.
  • When the battery is exhausted, the flashlight will automatically stop working.

Use suggestions:

  • Do not disassemble the parts by yourself, this will void the warranty and may damage the flashlight.
  • It is normal for the flashlight to heat up during use; however, the full power mode cannot work continuously for a long time. When the hand feels too hot, please switch to a lower mode in time to ensure that it will not burn.
  • At full power output, it will quickly consume power and accelerate the temperature rise. The flashlight has been set to automatically reduce the output protection function after 1 minute.
  • After long-term use, the O-ring and waterproof ring of the flashlight may deteriorate. Please replace it in time to maintain the waterproof performance of the flashlight.
  • After long-term use, the grease on the thread at the tail of the flashlight will be reduced. In order to keep the thread smooth, please use professional grease to lubricate the thread in time.
  • Please clean the conductive contact surface of the flashlight in time to ensure the normal operation of the flashlight, especially when the flashlight flashes abnormally or fails to light up, it may be caused by stains on the contact surface. Try to clean the conductive contact surface with an alcohol swab.
  • This is not a diving flashlight
  • This is not a toy please keep away from children
  • Do not try to shine into the eyes or skin