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Weltool T2 TAC 1900 Lumens ODG Tactical Flashlight

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T2 TAC flashlight is a tactical version of the T2. The high mode can reach 1,900 lumens, 46,500 candela, and the throwing distance is 431 meters. The light head adopts Weltool’s patented through-hole cooling structure, which releases the heat generated by LEDs and electronic components to the environment in time through air convection.

T2 TAC is in high mode when it is turned on, allowing frequent momentary and maintaining high mode all the time.there is a forward switch inside the tail cover, which can handle 10A current.The flashlight with a stainless steel pocket clip, easy to carry. There are stainless steel attack bezel on the front end of the head, which are wear-resistant and drop-resistant, and there are 3 springs in the body, which are shock-resistant.