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Weltool M6-DR Warm White 3000K Medical Penlight




Designed with the medical professionals in mind, the M6-Dr no-glare LED flashlight features a warm white LED with 3000K color temperature and color rendering index of 85%, rivaling those of the incandescent lights. The true color rendering aids doctors in exams, avoids misdiagnosis caused by glaring light distorting skin and tissue tones. The soft even light will not disturb the doctor’s nor the patient’s vision. Using an optical glass lens with light transmission rate of over 90%, coupled with a light emitting angle of 30 degrees, the M6-Dr creates a circle of perfectly distributed even light. The area within the light circle has no dark spot, no glare, and no distracting uneven lighting anywhere. The 4.5 lumen output is perfect for the optometrist and ophthalmologist to conduct examinations.
A steel clip is included as an accessory. The flashlight body is 133mm long, containing 2 AAA alkaline batteries with a 10 hours run time. With the included clip, it can easily clip to a doctor’s shirt pocket or a notebook cover for quick access. The flashlight body also has indicators in inches for close-up inspection need. The M6-Dr is the perfect light for doctors and other medical personnel requiring a tool for examination.