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Orcatorch Diving Torch 910V 5,000 Lumens video underwater light super bright




  • OrcaTorch D910V is a high CRI neutral white video light for underwater photography. It features a chip-on-board CREE LED array to create even illumination with a 5000 lumen output and 120 degree wide angle beam. With the industry’s first magnetic fast charging technology, the light can be charged without taking out the battery.
  • Featuring


    * 120 degree wide angle beam

    * Color temperature 5700K

    * CRI: RA 92

    * Magnetic fast charging system with a short charging time of 2.5hr

    * Standard included battery pack

    * Titanium alloy switch controls 3 lighting modes

    * LED indicator displays the battery remaining charge

    * Safe lock function, prevents accidental use

    * LED Charging indicator

    * Intelligent Over-Heat protection