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Fenix WH23R 600 Lumens 84 Meter Headlamp

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The Fenix WH23R is a head-mounted working headlamp with a unique gesture-sensing function. When the sensor function is activated, the headlamp can be turned on or off with a wave of the hand for tasks that require two hands to complete or to avoid dirtying the headlamp with soiled fingers. The versatile WH23R features three lighting modes: spotlight, floodlight and combined light with both spotlight and floodlight activated. The combined rotary switch can be rapidly and precisely operated even with gloved or cold numbed fingers to the desired mode and desired brightness. Additional design highlights of the WH23R include the built-in 2000mAh battery, the USB Type-C charging port, four blue LED indicators indicating remaining battery power, and the perforated headband structure allowing for better breathability and comfort. The WH23R is versatile enough to confront any task.